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Partnering for Performance: 3 Ways to Help Your Managers and Direct Reports Collaborate to Achieve Goals

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If you are a leadership, learning, or talent development professional, you know that it takes two to optimize performance—the manager and the direct report. Your dilemma is how to encourage and facilitate the crucial relationship between the two. In this webinar, best-selling business author Susan Fowler shares how you can promote a collaborative approach to performance management proven to get results with high levels of engagement.

Fowler reveals the latest research-based strategies on self motivation and how to combine it with the time-tested principles of Situational Leadership (SLII®)—the most widely-taught leadership development model in the world.

Participants will learn how to position performance management as a joint responsibility, with managers and their direct reports working together to make sure that clear, motivating goals are set, that competence and commitment for key tasks are identified and that managers and direct reports are working together to ask for and get the direction and support they need to succeed.

You will explore how to help your managers and team members to

  • Take a top-down, bottom-up approach to SMART goal setting with a focus on motivation and task competence
  • Build mutual accountability for achieving agreed-upon goals
  • Take a situational approach to performance management by teaching direct reports how to self diagnose development level and ask for the direction and support needed to succeed

Fowler will share how this joint approach achieves outcomes faster, more efficiently, and with a greater sense of engagement. It’s a 1+1 = 3 approach that yields much better results than having managers and direct reports working independently.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your managers and direct reports working together effectively.

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