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  • 3 Keys to Creating Learning Journeys that Work

    Strategies for designing personalized, learner-centric learning journeys to improve performance metrics in today’s results-focused organization.

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  • 2020 L&D Trend Survey: 4 Key Takeaways

    Scott Blanchard shares top trends from more than 800 survey respondents and provides actionable strategies for leveraging four key takeaways from the data.

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  • 2020 Leadership, Learning, and Talent Development Trends

    Blanchard program director David Witt shares the results of The Ken Blanchard Companies’ 2020 HR/L&D Trend Survey.

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  • Conducting Your First ROI Study: How to Get Started

    An easy-to-use process for calculating ROI shows the bottom-line impact leadership training has on organizational results.

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  • Addressing Team Conflict: 3 Keys to Facilitating Difficult Conversations

    Conversational Capacity and Influence in Action shows how team leaders can facilitate constructive, learning-focused dialogue about difficult subjects by balancing candor and curiosity.

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  • Servant Leadership in the 21st Century: A Conversation with Simon Sinek and Ken Blanchard

    Simon Sinek and Ken Blanchard discuss the evolution of leadership, and challenge each other on what a new generation can learn from those who came before and those leading today.

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