Performance Management 101: 3 Conversations All Managers Need to Master

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Managers influence and lead through the words they use and the communication skills they apply. In this webinar, Blanchard senior consulting partner Ann Phillips will share the three types of conversations managers need to be highly skilled in conducting.

  1. The Goal-Setting Conversation—how to set goals collaboratively with a focus on motivation.
  2. The Feedback Conversation—how to praise performance when it is aligned—and how to redirect performance when it is off track.
  3. The One-on-One Conversation—how to set aside time to hear from direct reports using high levels of inquiry and listening. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to evaluate how your organization is currently addressing performance management in your organization. Ann will share tips and strategies you can put into practice immediately. Learn the elements of masterful performance management and discover how you can apply these principles in your own organization.

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