Leading with Gratitude with Adrian Gostick

“If leaders know that showing gratitude and appreciating the work of their employees is important, why aren’t they doing it consistently?” asks Adrian Gostick, organizational culture expert and cofounder of The Culture Works. In this episode, hear Gostick talk about research his company conducted with more than one million employees that confirms the strong relationship between employee recognition and employee engagement. He explores the myths that are holding people back in his latest book, Leading with Gratitude, coauthored with Chester Elton.

Leading with gratitude is a simple approach that creates engaged, high performance employees, a stronger organization, and better results.

For more information on Adrian Gostick, go to www.thecultureworks.com.

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Chad Gordon

Chad Gordon is the host of the LeaderChat podcast and one of Blanchard's top client partners dedicated to helping global organizations lead at a higher level.

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