Entrepreneurial Leadership with Joel Peterson

In this episode you’ll hear Joel Peterson, chairman of JetBlue Airways, discuss the difference between an entrepreneur and an entrepreneurial leader. In his latest book, Entrepreneurial Leadership: The Art of Launching New Ventures, Inspiring Others, and Running Stuff, Peterson explains that leaders who want to make a lasting impact must learn to launch new initiatives, inspire others, and champion innovative approaches. In short, these leaders require a new set of skills.

Peterson describes four key skills aspiring entrepreneurial leaders need to develop. They need to know how to:

  1. Build Trust: To create a trusting environment and team, entrepreneurial leaders must be transparent and respectful, and must deliver on their promises.
  2. Create a Mission: An entrepreneurial leader’s mission must give meaning, clarity, and priority to a collective set of actions. Above all, it must inspire others.
  3. Secure a Team: Entrepreneurial leaders realize that leadership is a team sport. They must hire the right people to fill the gaps, and then empower those people to perform.
  4. Deliver Results: With trust, an inspiring mission, and a team in place, it is time to deliver results. Entrepreneurial leaders must establish standards for decision making, negotiating, communicating, overcoming adversity, and more.

Peterson points out that entrepreneurial leaders who master these four skills will make a quantum leap in their own effectiveness and that of their organization. For more information on Joel Peterson, go to www.joelcpeterson.com.

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Chad Gordon

Chad Gordon is the host of the LeaderChat podcast and one of Blanchard's top client partners dedicated to helping global organizations lead at a higher level.

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