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A Business Case for Optimal Motivation

Activating optimal motivation is far more than a feel-good proposition for individuals and organizations. It provides a pragmatic and skill-based framework, course of action, and solution to helping shift a workforce that costs organizations an estimated $350 billion annually in lost productivity. Organizations will spend $750,000 to $1 billion to fix a problem whose source many of them do not understand.

Beyond the numbers, the promise of Optimal Motivation requires organizations to shift their paradigm from a business-is-everything mindset to one that values people and their well-being because it is the right thing to do. This requires a shift from “business is here to make a pro fit” to “business is here to serve.” This requires acknowledging that people come to work as human beings, not robots who leave their hearts and minds at home. In the end, what matters as much as results is how people achieve those results.

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The Power of Optimal Motivation
The Power of Optimal Motivation

Optimal Motivation® and the connection to Situational Leadership® II. #optimalmotivation

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A Quick Look at Motivation
A Quick Look at Motivation

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