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The Power of Customer Loyalty

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PERSPECTIVES LEGENDARY SERVICE ® © 2018 The Ken Blanchard Companies. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. MK0856 • 022718 The Power of Customer Loyalty 1 The Power of Customer Loyalty Providing exemplary customer service has always been perceived as a way for organizations to gain customer loyalty and improve their competitive advantage. For that reason, organizations are keenly focused on looking for ways to support and even wow their customer base. But often, the ability to do this is dependent upon how well the organization supports not just the individuals tasked with interacting with the customer, but employees at all levels. The service-quality literature is aligned on the fact that for customer service individuals to serve the customer effectively, the organization must create and maintain a service culture. A recent Forbes article stated that customer service is not a department—it is a philosophy to be embraced by every employee from the CEO to the most recently hired. Employees are much more likely to provide excellent service when the organization clarifies and rewards the behaviors it wants to see. It's also generally agreed upon in the service-quality literature that organizations that offer a stellar service experience have a high degree of focus on the customer as well as an understanding of their customer's needs, wants, and expectations; have developed and communicated a service strategy; have designed customer- friendly service systems; and have well-trained service-oriented people at all levels of the organization. Organizations that offer a stellar service experience place a high importance on training people at all levels to have positive interactions with their customers

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