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Creating an Effective eLearning Solution

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© 2018 The Ken Blanchard Companies. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. MK0134 • 120418 Creating an Effective eLearning Solution 1 PERSPECTIVES Elearning has been gaining more and more buzz over the last few years. A study by Chief Learning Officer magazine revealed that seventy-five percent of responding organizations used elearning. According to Training Industry, online learning has become a $56 billion industry, with learning professionals claiming it is the second most effective training method they use. When done effectively, organizations find it can reduce time away from the office and decrease the cost of training by eliminating the need for travel. Studies show elearning can also reduce instruction time, save energy, and increase the learners' retention of the content. Not surprisingly, an increasing number of organizations are turning to elearning for these reasons. Online learning offers the convenience of reaching learners where they are regardless of where they work and provides a consistent, convenient way to deliver content across all parts of the organization. The challenge, however, can be designing content and tools that engage learners and keep them focused and on track during the learning journey. When designing engaging and effective learning experiences, there are challenges to consider. In a classroom experience, the trainer has control over the pace of the delivery and shaking up the content, so learner engagement remains high. Additionally, with a classroom training experience, learners become part of a cohort group that can encourage and support embedding the learning into everyday projects, tasks, and interactions with others. Creating an Effective eLearning Solution Online learning can • be 50% less costly than classroom training • ensure your learners have a consistent experience • cut instruction time by up to 60% • allow your learners ease of access to content anytime, anywhere • boost retention of content by 25–60% • consume 90% less energy than traditional courses

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