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A new supervisor credits Blanchard Online Learning with helping her to realize that one of her new employees wasn’t underperforming, but needed more communication and support during the onboarding process. This eliminated frustration for both the employee and the manager. The learning lesson that focuses on temperament has been especially helpful to the group. They report that having a better understanding of their own style and personality and insight into the styles of others has improved communication, teamwork, and productivity while minimizing friction and conflict. Team members report that they feel better equipped to seamlessly serve the client.

Neff is most excited about the buzz that has been created by the training. “Employees are actually asking when they can go through the program,” she shared. The program was rolled out with middle managers who quickly realized that they wanted to use the new skills with their leaders. So a special session was designed and delivered for senior managers. Now the entire team is using the same leadership language and leading with consistency toward personal, department, and company goals.

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