Virtual Leadership: Leading in the New Normal

Virtual leadership starts with taking care of yourself. As they say before a flight, put on your oxygen mask first, then help others with theirs. Be kind to yourself. Pay attention to what exhausts you and what energizes you to better manage your health, energy, spirit, and mood.

In many ways, good virtual leadership is the same as good face-to-face leadership. It’s about doing all the important things leaders need to do, but in a different medium and environment. The research shows that anything leaders do in a face-toface environment, they need to do more of—and better—in a virtual environment.

Being a leader in a virtual environment is a challenge. So, go beyond good intentions—take action to show your team members they are your top priority. Follow these guidelines to demonstrate what is most important: people.

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Four Strategies for Leading in a Virtual Workforce
Four Strategies for Leading in a Virtual Workforce