Client Success Story: Aimco

Director of Learning and Organizational Development

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Aimco, a luxury apartment management company, was experiencing rapid growth and realized they needed to change how they were providing leadership training to ensure continued success. For years they offered a traditional off-site training experience for a select group of leaders. Brian understood the importance of being able to develop the leadership skills of more than just a few leaders a year. He worked with Blanchard to design a custom curriculum of virtual learning for multiple levels of leaders and people aspiring to become leaders. The resulting asynchronous design using microlearning and multiple modalities is based on a mountain climbing theme. Participants complete Climbs at their own pace to learn the leadership skills of SLII®, Self Leadership, Coaching Essentials, Building Trust, Leadership Point of View, and Legendary Service. With the goal of transforming staff from managers of work to leaders of people, the training is mapped to the five cultural pillars of Aimco. Results include decreased turnover and improved engagement scores. Perhaps the greatest result has been increasing the number of people trained, from 30 to more than 180, while decreasing the cost per person trained from $12,500 to $650. Hear the exciting story of how Leading for Impact is creating a stronger culture at Aimco.

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