Coaching Tuesday: Ken Blanchard on the Key to Being an Effective Manager

January 3, 2017 David Witt

What is the key to being an effective manager? Ken Blanchard takes a look in two new videos. In the first, Ken shares a story about being a college professor and giving out the answers to the final exam on the first day of class.

In the second, Ken identifies the three aspects of performance management—goal setting, day-to-day coaching, and performance evaluation—and identifies which gets the most attention (and which aspect is the most important.)

What’s the common thread that runs through both videos?  The importance of coaching.

Check out Ken’s message.  What’s your experience?  Share your thoughts below!

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David  Witt

David Witt is a Program Director for The Ken Blanchard Companies. He is an award-winning researcher and host of the companies’ monthly webinar series. David has also authored or coauthored articles in Fast Company, Human Resource Development Review, Chief Learning Officer and US Business Review.

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