Ask Madeleine: Top 5 Questions of 2016

December 31, 2016 David Witt

Young Stressed Businesswoman Holding Help Sign Overworked At OffWhat were the personal challenges readers wanted to know more about?  Scroll down to see the top five including the number one question for 2016.  Got a question for Madeleine?  Use the email link below. And be sure to join us when Ask Madeleine returns with a whole new set of reader questions beginning next week.




Working for a Boss Who Isn’t Knowledgeable? Ask Madeleine

Boss Dislike The Ideas VectorDear Madeleine,

I belong to a human resources team and have been facing situations where my boss either doesn’t give the right answers or doesn’t give an answer at all. I am constantly disappointed as I am very passionate about my field…  READ MORE


Faked Out by a Direct Report? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine,Shocked, surprised business woman sitting in front of laptop

A long-time employee I really liked and respected recently left for another opportunity. Surprisingly, while training her replacement, I was stunned to find an avalanche of work never done, errors concealed… READ MORE


Boss Setting You Up to Fail? Ask Madeleine

Business Executive Stepping On ColleagueDear Madeleine,

One of my peers was made an EVP and is now my boss. He has been shutting me out of big decision making meetings regarding projects I am running. It is becoming really clear to me that I am being set up to fail… READ MORE


Shocked by 360° Feedback? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine,Business concept, businessman get bad feedback.

All 14 of my people—not just 1 or 2— see me as a micro-manager. I have always thought it was good that I’m on top of things—I just don’t understand why the feedback is so negative… READ MORE


Boss Keeps Interrupting You? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine,Hello I Am Waiting words on a nametag sticker to illustrate bein

Both my boss and his boss constantly interrupt me when I am speaking. I am often the only woman in these meetings. I have tried to convince myself that that doesn’t make a difference, but I wonder… READ MORE

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